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Continued investment in Pulses sees two exciting additions to the 2020/21 PGRO Recommended List

The large blue pea LG Aviator joins the Recommended List with a yield of 99% over control; higher yielding than market stalwart, Prophet. LG Aviator has excellent tolerance to downy mildew, with a rating of 7, and is resistant to powdery mildew. It’s early and has good ratings for standing ability and straw length (rated

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Breeders Perspective Q&A

What is Turnip Yellows Virus? Turnip Yellows Virus or TuYV is a virus that belongs to the Luteoviridae family, which includes other common viruses such as barley yellow dwarf, and potato leafroll. TuYV has a wide range of hosts, including crop species (brassica vegetables, pulses etc.) and common weeds (shepherd’s purse, cleaver, thistle etc.) What

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Biological seed treatment brings big benefits

“Developed in response to environmental regulation and the need to reduce dependence on chemical products, Starcover uses a combination of a plant extract that accelerates root development and increases root numbers and length, along with plant growth promoting bacteria that help improve nutrient uptake and plant growth,” explains Richard Camplin, LG Seeds Technical Manager. “The

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Aspirational performance despite a tough start

Drilling his crop of winter oilseed rape in less than fair conditions last autumn, and at a lower than normal seed rate, Tim Lamyman believed his crop of Aspire oilseed rape would never reach its full potential. However, it ended up producing an unbelievable gross output of 6.5 t/ha, with 45.4% oil content in the

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LG Forage UK Trials 2020 Updates

Limagrain have been operating their own unique UK trials for well over 10 years. The data in these handy Technical Aids has been collated to help assist you make variety choices from the top performing Fodder Beets, Stubble Turnips and Forage Rape & Hybrids. As well as Kale, Swedes and Forage Peas. As well as key

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MM60 the top tip at Cheltenham

Ben started in the industry as a greenkeeper but from a young age his passion was always horse racing. It was for this reason that while working at a golf club, he volunteered his services to Warwick and Stratford racecourses. His persistence paid off and in 2006 he was rewarded with a full-time job at

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Ribambelle Fodder Beet

Ribambelle fodder beet is a new variety to the UK market. It has been bred to provide a high energy feed for dairy, beef or sheep and can be mechanically harvested or grazed in situ. Ribambelle grows 50-60% out of the ground, making the crop very easy to utilise.

Use Data to Select Optimum Variety

“With maize costing around £800/ha to grow it is vital that farmers maximise the return on this investment,” comments Tim Richmond, Maize Manager, UK and Ireland with LG Seeds. “Whether you are in a favourable or less favourable area, there are basically three core objectives.  The first is to grow a variety that will mature

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Choosing a good all-rounder barley

“With Sienna there are no trade-offs or compromises. It has excellent grain quality, a good yield and a decent straw.” Growers were recording good specific weights as high as 67kg/hectare, in last year’s challenging north-west England harvest. Sienna yielded very well for both grain and straw, and its only weakness being that if harvest opportunities

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Why LG Diablo is making strides into the malting barley market

As with all malting barley’s, there is a considerable time lag between recommendation and market take-up. However this does give growers and end-users time to see how the variety really performs from one year to another, explains Dr Steve Hoad, of the SRUC. “Newcomer LG Diablo is giving the end-users the confidence to break up

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Correct variety choice allows maize to deliver in challenging circumstances

Nick runs a herd of 70 cows averaging 9000 litres through a De Laval robot, but a second robot will be installed next year, and the herd size will increase to around 120. The cows graze in the summer and are fed big bales grass silage when housed. But for the last five years, maize

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MM Tetra Sport

A traditional mixture, especially useful for spring overseeding of high quality sportsfields to improve sward composition and aid recovery from disease scarring. A mid season repair mix for winter sports pitches. This mixture is treated with Headstart® GOLD

MM Universal Sport

For the construction and renovation of football pitches, rugby pitches and sports fields. Produces an excellent playing surface in a stadium environment. This mixture is treated with Headstart® GOLD

Correct Variety Choice Improves Maize Success

A clearer focus on the reasons you grow maize and learning from the lessons of 2019 should form the basis of maize variety selection this season, according to Tim Richmond, Maize Manager, UK and Ireland with LG Seeds. “As with any forage crop, the reasons for growing maize are solely about the feed produced,” Mr

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Plan Ahead for Maize Success

2019 proved to be a divided growing season for many farmers looking for maize to provide a quality foundation to winter diets. For the most part, crops got off to a good start and grew strongly, offering the prospects of both good yields and high quality. “Things started to unravel in the autumn when the

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DOWNLOAD: Maize Variety Selection Guide 2020

Now is the perfect time to review your crop’s feed performance before gathering the information you will need to order seed for spring 2020. Our new LG Maize Variety Selection Guide has all the data you need help you make the right decision for your farm and your livestock.   After all, you don’t want

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Seed Production Technician – Woolpit

The Role: We are currently seeking a Seed Production Technician to join our Stocks team, based at Woolpit in Suffolk. The successful candidate will be responsible for a wide range of seasonal tasks within the Stocks team working with cereal crops. Job Description: The job involves a wide range of seasonal activities including cleaning and

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For superb yields from an ultra early harvest!


Top quality maize from an early harvest, every year.

LG Skyscraper still at the top

“LG Skyscraper has continued to demonstrate its ability to perform across a wide range of situations and environments, says Ed Flatman, senior wheat breeder for Limagrain UK. “The variety has now shown over a series of contrasting years, its capacity to establish well and develop a good foundation in the early season, which it then converts

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LG’s oilseed rape varieties claim top 6 positions on AHDB Recommended List 2020-2021

It’s the top 6 positions for breeder Limagrain UK’s oilseed rape varieties on the 2020-2021 AHDB Recommended List. In pole position sits conventional variety Acacia at 109.4% of controls, this is closely followed in by hybrids; LG Ambassador (108%), LG Aurelia (107.5%) and LG Artemis (106.6%) with conventionals Aspire (105.8%) and Aardvark (105.3%) completing the

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Korit Safety Information

Download the safety information for Korit® 420 FS, which contains details of active ingredients and safety warnings, as well as the safety equipment required for using, handling, storing and transporting seed treated with this chemical. The safety card also contains information regarding good practices for using the product. Download the full Korit® 420 FS Safety

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LG Mountain has yielded 10t/ha on one northern Lincolnshire farm

Grown in a non-wheat rotation, the winter barley on Grasby Farm usually follows beans or sugar beet. All of his barley straw is baled and sold either to JSR pigs or Charry Valley Ducks. Cultivations are based around two main regimes, either plough, press and drill a one pass approach using a DTX Simba cultivator

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