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Adding value to your maize crop Equity is a new LG maize variety that benefits from reliable performance with energy that won’t disappoint. It is an early variety, that is highly digestible for improved feed intakes.


Nothing stands in the way of Resolute, it is impressive in the field and delivers in the clamp   Available from Tel: 07767 310454


An exciting new variety for AD, delivering high yields of highly digestible feedstock.


An exciting new variety set to become one of the top performing varieties in the UK!


Massive yields, high quality, early harvest – an easy choice to make! High starch and dry matter yields combined with exceptional cell wall digestibility – it’s an easy Conclusion.


NEW! Trooper maize is a new variety from LG, offering reliable production of high quality maize from an early harvest. It is extremely high yielding for an early harvest and has high strach and cell wall digestibility content.

6 Steps to Success with Wildflower Management

The habitats our wildflowers are suited for can range from a sandy soil to a hedgerow habitat. Low maintenance grass species are included in the mixture to act as a nurse crop in the early years of establishment and growth. The grasses help suppress weed invasion, whilst allowing the wildflowers to flourish. Read our 6

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Limagrain UK’s grass seed manager Ian Misselbrook also adds that improving reseeding programmes and considering other forages will better prepare them for fluctuating weather patterns. “The cold, wet spring in 2018 delayed turnout and grass growth,” he says. “Many livestock producers ran out of forages and were desperately hoping for a good grass growing season

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Maize lodging could affect harvest success

“While some varieties are more prone than others, lodging in maize is fortunately a reasonably rare occurrence,” he explains.  “This year it seems to be more of a problem with varieties, usually resistant to lodging, being affected.” Mr Camplin says that the increased incidence of lodging is due to the combination of the wet spring

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How wheat maturity plays an important factor in variety selection

Striving for higher wheat yields has meant a slight trend towards later maturing varieties that stay greener for longer sitting at the top of AHDB Recommended List. The trade-off is potential management issues in certain situations and, when twinned with doubts over the future of pre-harvest glyphosate applications, highlights a need to place increased importance

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Six winter cereal varieties to excite northern growers

Grain distilling, biscuit making and animal feed are the key end uses for wheat in northern Britain, so soft wheats often dominate drilling plans and three candidates from Limagrain are sparking interest from the seed trade. With a current treated yield of 109%, the first is LG Skyscraper, which is predicted to achieve full recommendation

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Peas prove their worth for a second year running in Lincolnshire

Based on the success of last year’s yields, Mr Lamyman opted to grow the variety again as LG Stallion remains one of the highest yielding large blue peas on the PGRO Recommended List, showing a 2% yield advantage over Prophet and 9% ahead of Campus, combined with good standing. The peas follow a second wheat

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Come visit the LG Seeds team at UK Dairy Day 2018

The UK Dairy Day event is very much one to look forward to on the Dairy calendar. Having attracted over 8000 visitors and hosting over 300 exhibitors previously, it is one of the largest and most anticipated trade events for the dairy industry. Join the LG Seeds team on stand H120, to check out the

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Limagrain is a ‘proven package’ for The Posh

Rob has admitted that he is currently ‘living the dream’. As a lifelong Peterborough United fan, not only is he working for the club that he loves but he is also doing a job that he loves. After starting his career working for Huntingdon District Council he accepted the head groundsman position at One Leisure

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Vitaro mustard has been specifically bred to have a high level of nematode resistance. It has a leafy growth habit and can be easily incorporated into the soil. Vitaro can produce a tap root of up to 1.5 metres in length which can help reduce compaction and improve drainage. Vitaro also exhibits late flowering and

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Sky high yields in the Lincolnshire Wolds

“In what has been a really challenging season to get yields like this from a variety the first time we have grown it is tremendous. It’s one of the boldest samples I have seen in a wheat since we grew Oakley back in 2008 producing a specific weight of 84.” Mr Lamyman chose to grow

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Start walking maize now for quality forage

With maize harvest looking to be at least two weeks earlier in many parts of the country he says it is important to focus on harvesting their maize in optimum conditions. Mr Richmond says there are two main reasons why the maize harvest should be significantly earlier this year. The first is the season where,

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Mezzo Lucerne

Mezzo Lucerne is an exceptionally high yielding Lucerne variety, brand new to the UK market. Mezzo has consistently outperformed the competition in French national trials for the last 3 years, producing record breaking levels of protein per hectare. A dormancy rating of 3.6 means that Mezzo can be considered for more northerly areas of the UK

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New! EMERGENCY FORAGE grass mixture

Many farmers started the season with empty silage clamps and although the silage maize harvest is likely to be much earlier than usual, farmers may be looking for other solutions to their shortage of forage. To this end we’ve formulated a new “Emergency Forage” grass mixture, which is detailed below, along with some other forage options available

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Marshal Lucerne

Marshal Lucerne has been successfully grown in the UK for many years. First appearing on the England and Wales Recommend Grass and Clover List (RGCL) in 2003, Marshal has continued to be a popular choice for growers due to consistent high yields and feed quality. A dormancy rating of 4.3 gives it the ideal balance

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How to optimise establishment for top oilseed rape yields

Since the withdrawal of neonicotinoid seed dressings, rapeseed producers have been solely reliant on pyrethroid insecticide applications to control the pest. However, resistance to pyrethroids is making chemical control unreliable, so growers are manipulating drill date to avoid peak adult beetle migration and using higher seed rates to dilute feeding damage and ensure adequate plants

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Colour Splash wows members at Burnham Beeches

Situated in the Thames Valley in South Buckinghamshire, Burnham Beeches measures 6,458 yards, has a Par 70 and offers a true and challenging test of golf. Founded in 1891, it is the oldest club in Buckinghamshire after it was founded by a group of locals who called a public meeting in the village school. Over

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Milling wheat helps manage risk with consistent performance

After six years on the Recommended List, Group 1 bread maker Crusoe still fits these criteria, producing high yields and is snapped up by millers for its top bread making qualities. For CCC Agronomy and AICC crop consultant Peter Cowlrick, who walks crops across Sussex and Hampshire, that is why Crusoe still makes up a

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