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Limagrain the front runner at York Racecourse

Adrian, the man in charge of keeping York Racecourse ahead of the pack, has been the head groundsman for twelve years. He joined York from Aintree Racecourse in 2006 and two years later was instrumental in a huge £2.6 million track development project. As part of the project, significant drainage works were carried out in

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Third fundraising dinner supports Lincolnshire charities

Following two very successful events in 2014 and 2016, this prestigious event will raise funds for the Jon Egging Trust, the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society and LRSN. For the third year running, Limagrain UK is the Champagne Reception sponsor, with three other Lincolnshire businesses; Brown and Co, Smailes Goldie Turner and Wilkin Chapman LLP also returning

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New highly digestible kale shows its colours

Enticed by Adam Simper at Wynnstay, Kevin, who manages the farm for Marigold de Quincey, drilled 2ha of the new kale variety Bombardier in mid May 2018 and started strip grazing the field in late October. The 40 spring-calving suckler cows took to the kale immediately. “I gave them a 10-meter strip to start with,

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‘Difficult’ 2018 highlights importance of good spring barley establishment

January was wetter than average for much of the UK and while February was drier, it was also very cold. Unsettled weather returned for much of March and April, before the record-breaking hot summer started in May. Limagrain UK’s arable technical manager Ron Granger says this demonstrates the tough conditions growers can face when trying

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Maize – an opportunistic crop this year

With livestock farmers looking to rebuild forage stocks, there will be increased interest in either growing maize on contract with a local arable farmer, or buying standing crops. Maize works well as an alternative to spring cereals in the rotation and can be a useful break crop if blackgrass is an issue. As the objectives

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Putting malting barley to the test

Why would that be? Surely if it’s a malting variety, there must be a market for it! Perhaps we can help by explaining the malting approval process that all barley varieties in the UK must go through. To do this, we have to go back to the three harvest years before LG Diablo appeared on

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Unicorn Rape Kale Hybrid Brassica

Unicorn is a new rape kale brassica hybrid, bred to produce a quality feed in a short period of time. It will produce a nutritious feed for dairy, beef or lamb production and can be utilised in summer, autumn or winter.

DOWNLOAD: Feb edition of GatePost

Inside you’ll find; grower stories, a Q&A with our senior pulse breeder, Will Pillinger on the importance of colour retention in peas. Plus, our arable technical manager  challenges soft vs. hard wheat preconceptions and record breaking grower, Tim Lamyman shares his top ten tips for growing peas. We also attempt to demystify the IBD testing process for

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Breeders Perspective Q&A – Will Pillinger on Blue Pea Colour Retention

Q: Good quality blue peas usually make the best prices, whilst bleached samples end up at the feed mill. Why is this? A: Premium markets need peas that are as green in colour as possible. Micronizers want the pea to really stand out in the feed ration, whilst the canners have restrictions on the use

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Top 10 tips for growing peas

No stranger to high yields, Tim Lamyman of Worlaby Farms in Lincolnshire holds the world record yield for combining peas of 6.47 t/ha, with a crop of LG Stallion blue peas. Whilst not attempting a world record in 2018, Mr Lamyman still managed a very impressive performance in what was a very challenging season for

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Credit Controller Vacancy

Limagrain is a leading global plant breeding and seed company. We breed and market agricultural seeds for farmers and sports grass seeds for the UK market under the established brand LG.   The Role: We are currently seeking a full time Credit Controller to join our small, friendly and dynamic team, based at Rothwell in

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DOWNLOAD: Designer Catalogue

Seed quality – It’s in the bag! If you want your grass to perform to the highest level, it is vital to start with a high quality technical mixture, and in today’s marketplace, this is not always easy. The latest Designer range contains cultivars and mixtures that have been formulated to meet the demands of

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Co-operating over growing maize is bringing benefits to two Cheshire farmers

In 2017, Chris Latham who farms at Bulkeley near Whitchurch took the decision to stop milk production, selling his 150 cow herd and youngstock and moving into beef and arable production on his 115 acre unit. He had previously grown maize and while it suited the soil type it did not suit his rotation.  But

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DOWNLOAD: Fodder Beet Trials Results

The trial results in this guide are produced from Limagrain’s own unique UK trials, which have been running for over 10 years. Our latest 2019 trials data allows you to view not just yields, but also important characteristics such as dry matter content and mean bolter count. The Fodder Beet Technical Aid also contains important

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2019 Forage Trials Updates

Limagrain have been operating their own unique UK trials for more than 10 years. The data in these handy Technical Aids have been collated to help assist you make variety choices from the top performing Fodder Beets, Stubble Turnips and Forage Rape & Hybrids. As well as key information on yields, our handy Technical Aids

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DOWNLOAD: MM Grass Seed Mixtures Brochure

6 Key Reasons why MM Seed Mixtures are the Right Choice for your Amenity Turf: MM is one of the most respected brands in the UK amenity industry, with over 40 years of experience and knowledge in amenity grass and wildflowers The quality of our seed is unrivalled. We have always strived to deliver more live

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Burns Night Recipe

Swede Turnip Bake   Served this way, swedes lose their overpowering flavour and become quite couth.   2 cups cooked mashed swede turnip 3 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons golden syrup Salt and pepper 1 cup fresh white breadcrumbs 2 eggs Chopped parsley Cheese, grated   Mix the butter into the mashed turnip. Add golden syrup,

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Temporary Marketing Services Assistant Vacancy

Limagrain is a leading global plant breeding and seed company. We breed and market agricultural seeds for farmers and sports grass seeds for the UK market under the established brand LG.   The Role: We are currently seeking a full time Temporary Marketing Services Assistant to join our small, friendly and dynamic team, based at

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Aardvark is an open pollinated variety, with extremely high gross output potential for both the East/West and North regions of the UK. This combined with very good lodging and secure disease resistance as well as high oil content makes the variety an exciting prospect for growers.

Limagrain UK’s MM succeeds at Charterhouse

Lee has been grounds manager at the prestigious Charterhouse for the last two and a half years. He oversees a team of fourteen members of staff who meticulously tend to the school’s grounds and sports fields. Currently there are 3 hockey pitches, 12 tennis courts, 18 artificial cricket nets, 7 cricket squares, 15 grass football

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Early decision on maize variety needs to be a priority

“The typical pattern of maize seed sales is that only around 50% of seed is ordered by the end of February,” he comments.  “The balance is ordered late, often in April, with farmers delaying purchases for a variety of reasons.  Most years they are able to get most, if not all the seed they require

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Acacia is the highest yielding variety available on the AHDB candidate list 2019/20, setting a new benchmark for oilseed rape performance in the UK. The open pollinated variety is an Anastasia cross, inheriting strong autumn and spring vigour, solid disease resistance and short, stiff straw protecting the crop up to and through harvest.

Lessons From The 2018 Maize Season

While most maize growers in 2018 achieved reasonable yields and good quality forage harvested early in near perfect conditions allowing early establishment of successor crops, in many ways it was far from a vintage season. The wet, cold spring meant many crops were drilled late and were then quickly hit by the spell of hot,

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