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Artemis offers an outstanding package of traits including; TuYV resistance, pod shatter resistance and RLM7 protection against stem canker, combined with extremely high yields. This next generation variety sets a new benchmark for hybrid oilseed rape performance in the UK.

MM60 is first choice at the Eagles

It is safe to say that Crystal Palace have acquired an extremely experienced groundsman in Bruce. Having started his professional career at Fulham FC, Bruce went on to work for Tottenham FC, Milwall FC and Reading FC before returning for a second spell as head groundsman at Fulham. After a brief period away from groundsmanship,

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Rafaela offers growers the unique genetic traits of both Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus tolerance (BYDV) and Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus (BaYMV). The conventional six-row winter barley also has very early spring development, a large plant canopy, tall straw and competes extremely well in the fight against black-grass. These characteristics, combined with strong disease resistance and

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Ambassador offers an outstanding package of traits, including; TuYV resistance, Pod Shatter resistance and RLM7 protection against stem canker, combined with very high yields. The next generation variety sets a new benchmark for hybrid performance in the UK.

New Bounce Back Hybrid Brassica offers summer relief

Limagrain UK has launched Skyfall this spring; a new hybrid brassica for dairy and beef cattle that can provide two crops in a season. Sown between May and July, it will provide a highly nutritious leafy forage crop for grazing in 12 weeks. In trials Skyfall has produced between 30 and 35 tonnes/ha of a

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Plant Breeding Matters Spring 2019 Edition

In this issue;   James Wong addresses BSPB on the nuances of science communication Breeding for life without neonics – Ian Munnery, General Manager UK, SESVANDERHAVE BSPB co-funds new genetic gain study  

Claim your Soil Thermometer

There are two crucial factors to ensure a successful and productive maize crop: 1)      Choose the right variety that will mature in your location and situation 2)      Sow at the right time when soil temperatures have consistently reached 8-10 °C By using our LG Heat Map Tool developed in conjunction with The Met Office, you can discover

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Aurelia is the highest yielding hybrid variety on the AHDB candidate list 2019/20. The variety offers an outstanding package of traits including; TuYV resistance, pod shatter resistance and RLM7 protection against stem canker. This next generation variety sets a new benchmark for hybrid performance in the UK.

Keeping Limagrain in the family

Keith Exton has enjoyed a long and prosperous career in the turf industry and Alex, long inspired by his dad, is now carving his own successful path in the industry. However, he admits that he would be foolish to not soak up some of the wisdom Keith has accumulated over the years. “I first heard

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DOWNLOAD: Essential Guide to Forage Crops

We’ve completely revamped our Essential Guide to Forage Crops. It has a brand new format packed full of brand new varieties such as Skyfall Stubble Turnip, Bombardier Kale, our new Rape/Kale Hybrid – Unicorn. We cover all aspects of growing and maximising the potential of all valuable Forage Crops. Details on crop rotations, choosing the

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New Germ’activ Primed Seed Available

LG are pleased to be able to offer Robbos, Brick and Tadorne fodder beet seed primed with Germ’activ. You can see from the video below, seed which is primed establishes faster, giving the crop those vitally important extra days to grow away quickly from pests and diseases. For more information, contact your local distributor.

Don’t delay choosing your maize variety

The benefits of variety selection were put into clear focus when Devon dairy farmer, Peter Johns grew two different varieties in 2018. “Maize is a vital part of our system”, Peter comments.  “We look to feed it 365 days a year, at upto 40% of the forage in the diet to our 200 Holsteins, which

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New maize varieties deliver the goods

“Most farmers appreciate the improvement in dairy cow genetics and the gains to be made in terms of milk yield, milk quality and management traits such as fertility and longevity and invest in the latest genetics available,” comments Richard Camplin from Limagrain UK.  “However, every year we still see a proportion of dairy farmers growing

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Growing beans for a protein premium

Launched at the end of January, Frontier is offering an attractive price of £40/tonne* for beans above November wheat futures, with an additional £10/t premium for growers who opt for Frontier’s specialist bean agronomy package and achieve the required 29% protein targets. This offer comes about with the construction of a new de-hulling plant near

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Limagrain the front runner at York Racecourse

Adrian, the man in charge of keeping York Racecourse ahead of the pack, has been the head groundsman for twelve years. He joined York from Aintree Racecourse in 2006 and two years later was instrumental in a huge £2.6 million track development project. As part of the project, significant drainage works were carried out in

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Third fundraising dinner supports Lincolnshire charities

Following two very successful events in 2014 and 2016, this prestigious event will raise funds for the Jon Egging Trust, the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society and LRSN. For the third year running, Limagrain UK is the Champagne Reception sponsor, with three other Lincolnshire businesses; Brown and Co, Smailes Goldie Turner and Wilkin Chapman LLP also returning

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New highly digestible kale shows its colours

Enticed by Adam Simper at Wynnstay, Kevin, who manages the farm for Marigold de Quincey, drilled 2ha of the new kale variety Bombardier in mid May 2018 and started strip grazing the field in late October. The 40 spring-calving suckler cows took to the kale immediately. “I gave them a 10-meter strip to start with,

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‘Difficult’ 2018 highlights importance of good spring barley establishment

January was wetter than average for much of the UK and while February was drier, it was also very cold. Unsettled weather returned for much of March and April, before the record-breaking hot summer started in May. Limagrain UK’s arable technical manager Ron Granger says this demonstrates the tough conditions growers can face when trying

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Maize – an opportunistic crop this year

With livestock farmers looking to rebuild forage stocks, there will be increased interest in either growing maize on contract with a local arable farmer, or buying standing crops. Maize works well as an alternative to spring cereals in the rotation and can be a useful break crop if blackgrass is an issue. As the objectives

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Putting malting barley to the test

Why would that be? Surely if it’s a malting variety, there must be a market for it! Perhaps we can help by explaining the malting approval process that all barley varieties in the UK must go through. To do this, we have to go back to the three harvest years before LG Diablo appeared on

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Unicorn Rape Kale Hybrid Brassica

Unicorn is a new rape kale brassica hybrid, bred to produce a quality feed in a short period of time. It will produce a nutritious feed for dairy, beef or lamb production and can be utilised in summer, autumn or winter.

DOWNLOAD: Feb edition of GatePost

Inside you’ll find; grower stories, a Q&A with our senior pulse breeder, Will Pillinger on the importance of colour retention in peas. Plus, our arable technical manager  challenges soft vs. hard wheat preconceptions and record breaking grower, Tim Lamyman shares his top ten tips for growing peas. We also attempt to demystify the IBD testing process for

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Breeders Perspective Q&A – Will Pillinger on Blue Pea Colour Retention

Q: Good quality blue peas usually make the best prices, whilst bleached samples end up at the feed mill. Why is this? A: Premium markets need peas that are as green in colour as possible. Micronizers want the pea to really stand out in the feed ration, whilst the canners have restrictions on the use

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