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Planning & Logistics Co-Ordinator – Witham St Hughs

Limagrain is a leading global plant breeding and seed company. We breed and market agricultural seeds for farmers and sports grass seeds for the UK market under the established brand LG. The Role: The candidate will coordinate, prepare and execute stock planning for multiple species as agreed (e.g. Forage, Oilseeds and Amenity products). They will

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Marketing Campaign Coordinator – Rothwell

Limagrain is a leading global plant breeding and seed company. We breed and market agricultural seeds for farmers and sports grass seeds for the UK market. We are currently seeking a full time Marketing Campaign Coordinator to join our small, friendly and dynamic team, based at Rothwell in Lincolnshire. If you believe that variety is

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Join us at our Variety Demo Days

With trial sites across the UK, we have opened up 3 of these to invite you to join us to take a look around the latest varieties on offer from Limagrain. Woolpit, Suffolk (23rd June) Variety and agronomy demos Winter wheat variety screen, including the latest AHDB Recommended List Candidates from LG and outstanding new Group

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One third of UK OSR crops at risk from Turnip Yellows Virus

Turnips yellows virus (TuYV) is transmitted by aphids and it is believed that 70% of the most common aphid, peach potato aphids (Myzus persicae) carry it. Work carried out at Brooms Barn a decade ago, showed a 30% yield penalty where levels of the virus were high and infection occurred early in the crop’s life.

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Financial Control Manager – Rothwell

The Role: We are currently seeking a Financial Control Manager who will be responsible for providing financial accounts and management information for local UK and Group purposes. The successful candidate will lead a small financial control team and will be expected to plan, implement, and manage policies and practices within their area of responsibility while

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Confidence is High at Bromsgrove School

  Head groundsperson Richard Hare, has reported excellent results from using a selection of Limagrain products at the outstanding Bromsgrove School in Worcestershire. Founded in the Middle Ages, Bromsgrove is one of the country’s largest independent schools with a glowing reputation for both academic and sporting excellence. Astonishingly, given the size of it, you can

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LG GatePost

LATEST ISSUE – June 2021 June 2021’s edition of LG GatePost was released on the 03/06/2021.   PREVIOUS ISSUES   February 2021 In this edition of LG GatePost, Arable Technical Manager Ron Granger and everyone here at LG, raises a glass to LG Diablo spring malting barley – to celebrate it gaining Full Approval for

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Keeping on top of Clubroot threat

Just over 550ha of the 1000ha farm is dedicated to arable crops, 30ha is rented out for seed potatoes and there are 100 cows and 2200 ewes at the low-ground farm. Farm Manager Chris Lovie says: “Although we are a mixed farm, before I started working here two years ago, they used to run a

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Strategies to make the most of late sown maize

A few changes to establishment could help ensure a more successful late sown crop. Modern varieties typically require 150 growing days, and are normally sown on 1st May, giving a harvest on 1st October. Trials conducted by LG examined the effect of sowing maize at weekly intervals throughout May and then harvesting at weekly intervals

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Logistics Coordinator – Witham St Hughs

Limagrain is a leading global plant breeding and seed company. We breed and market agricultural seeds for farmers and sports grass seeds for the UK market under the established LG brand. The Role: The successful candidate will provide and manage an efficient, timely and cost-effective service for the importation and distribution of company products with

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Sea Front Farming needs robust varieties

Working with soils which vary from cold clay to light loams, he is trying to increase carbon content with applications of muck from the livestock, straw and widening rotations. For the arable part of the farm, a transition is ongoing to direct drill from min-till. Mr Aynsley says: “We are working towards direct drilling everything,

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BTS 3020

BTS 3020 is a new variety offering very high yield potential, high sugar content and provides a step forward for the earlier drilling opportunity on farm. High adjusted tonnes: Treated 102.2%                Untreated 101.7%

BTS 5770

BTS 577O is a new and exciting sugar beet variety offering many key characteristics for securing crop yield. High adjusted tonnes: Treated 101.5%              Untreated 104.9%    

LG Anarion the only clubroot variety to offer TuYV and Pod Shatter resistance

LG Anarion is the first Clubroot resistant variety to offer high yields, which is secured by a range of valuable genetic traits including TuYV, pod shatter and RLM 7 resistance, and is available to UK growers for the coming season. “This is a really exciting development for growers of oilseed rape in Clubroot infected areas,”

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Could maize replace grass silage shortfalls?

The cold and dry conditions in April significantly reduced grass growth. Many farmers were forced to take very early and light cuts of first cut grass silage as fields failed to bulk up as expected. Although recent rain came at the right time for aftermaths and could help improve second cut yields, inevitably many producers

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LG Auckland

LG Auckland is a fully loaded hybrid from the Limagrain breeding programme, combining very high yield potential with very good agronomic security. With strong autumn vigour it fits the main-to-late drilling window. Its impressive disease resistance profile and TuYV, pod shatter and RLM7 resistance makes it a secure choice on-farm.

LG Areti

LG Areti is a new E/W Candidate from Limagrain UK. It has all the traits desirable for drilling in the east regions, with good establishment, TuYV resistance and strong resistance to Phoma stem canker. It has strong spring vigour and pod shatter resistance, combined with excellent lodging resistance – enabling growers to maximise yield potential.


Annika is an open pollinated Candidate in the east/west region. Annika is well suited to the early drilling window. It has genetic resistance to TuYV, later maturity and excellent disease resistance.  

LG Anarion

LG Anarion is a clubroot resistant, fully loaded hybrid with the security of RLM7, TuYV and pod shatter resistance. It has very strong early vigour and exceptional winter hardiness which has allowed it to perform very strongly on the continent in areas where club root is endemic. LG Anarion has performed well in the UK

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A high yielding TuYV resistant conventional, with strong autumn and spring vigour and early maturity. Amarone is an open pollinated variety with very high yield potential across all regions of the UK. Amarone is another of the LG varieties to contain crucial TuYV resistance, a trait which is invaluable in areas with high aphid pressures

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Limagrain UK seed combination helps Gloucester Rugby

Having been in the turf industry all his career Stuart has been the Head Groundsman at Gloucester Rugby for nearly three years now. Prior to moving to the Kingsholm Stadium, he was already accustomed to the Limagrain range of grass seed. “I had first used Limagrain’s MM50 seed in my previous role at Bromsgrove School,”

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The Value of Vigour

Liam Wilkinson, technical arable officer with breeders Limagrain UK discusses the approach that Limagrain takes to measure vigour and how this value can be used by growers to optimize establishment in their oilseed rape crops. Industry wide there is much debate about the value of vigour in oilseed rape varieties – reflecting the challenges the

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Temporary Harvest Assistants – Woolpit

Location The UK Wheat breeding station is located at Woolpit near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk and is involved in the selection, testing and early stage seed production of cereal varieties for the UK market. As the area is not served well by public transport your own transport would be beneficial. Duties To assist the wheat

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