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AWF 10 Pollinators Mix

A traditional 80/20 wildflower mixture for attracting pollinators. A new mixture containing perennial wild flowers and grasses that create a wild flower environment suited to attract, bees, butterflies and other pollinators. The mix is suited to a range of soil types.

AWF 9 Flowering Lawn

A traditional 80/20 wildflower mixture for flowering lawns. A new mixture that combines slow growing grasses and a blend of low growing wild flowers that will create a stunning flowering lawn or grassland area.


Arrow is a new hybrid that has the best combination of resistance to Light leaf spot and Stem canker out of all varieties on the AHDB Recommended and Candidate Lists 2017/18. Arrow also possess the genetic trait of pod shatter resistance; vital for ensuring good yield stability. In addition to Arrows strong agronomic characteristics, the

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MM60 – the number one choice For the Eagles

It is safe to say that Crystal Palace have acquired an extremely experienced groundsman in Bruce. Having started his professional career at Fulham FC, Bruce went on to work for Tottenham FC, Milwall FC and Reading FC before returning for a second spell as head groundsman at Fulham. After a brief period away from groundsmanship,

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Architect is an attractive restored hybrid variety with a gross output comparable to leading hybrids. Architect has TuYV resistance and a significantly higher yield potential than Amalie, the only variety on the AHDB 2017/18 RL with this desirable genetic trait. Architect also possesses pod shatter resistance, an important trait for protecting high yields. It is

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Annalise is an appealing conventional variety that offers growers the highest oil content levels available out of all varieties on the AHDB Recommended and Candidate Lists 2017/2018. Annalise has TuYV resistance combined with a significantly higher yield potential than Amalie; the only other variety on the AHDB 2017/18 RL with this desirable genetic trait. Annalise

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LG Opera brings music to malting barley prospects

“As we know, recommendation onto the AHDB Recommended List is only the first step for a new malting barley variety; it then has to go through Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) testing which can take several years, after which the brewers and distillers will then make the decision to accept the variety onto its

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Grass reseed puts money in the bank

  The amount of temporary grass, under five years old, has fallen by 18% in the past two years which indicates that less grassland is being reseeded and the average age of our leys is getting older. Despite producers targeting increased production from homegrown forage, the prolonged downturn in milk prices and pressure on cashflows

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CS9 Butterfly Mix

Butterfly mix is a mid to tall mixture designed in particular to attract butterflies and other pollinators. The mixture will produce a vast array of flowers in the first year flowed by flowering in the second year.

Collaboration delivers success for pulses

I’Anson Brothers Ltd is one of the leading independent animal feedstuffs manufacturers that use pulses in its rations. The company has a history of working closely with pulse breeders and growers to ensure that new pea and bean varieties are suitable for processing to meet the requirements of its customers, but also offer appropriate on-farm

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DOWNLOAD: Essential Guide to Forage Crops

We’ve produced a comprehensive Essential Guide to Forage Crops, covering all aspects of growing and maximising the potential of these valuable crops. Details on crop rotations, choosing the right crop for your farm, feeding guidelines, feeding safety and fertiliser guidelines are included, along with information on the value of several different forage crop options, from

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On the up and up – the rise of spring barley yields

New malting varieties now have equal or better yield potential than standard feed varieties, thanks to breeders influence on germplasm, says Ron Granger, arable technical manager for Limagrain UK. “In fact over the last ten years we have been seeing an increase on yield of 1% per year, which is substantial.” However recognising how we

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VIDEO: Hybrid Maize Production

Check out Limagrain’s 6 minute video, detailing the process of producing hybrid maize seeds, all the way from sowing the seed to delivery!

DOWNLOAD: Spring Barley Agronomy Guide

Limagrain continue to invest in trials, both internally and externally, to evaluate the agronomic requirements of the spring barley crop and the subtle differences between varieties, ensuring both high yield and end-use specifications are met. Areas of interest include; sowing date, seed rate, tillering ability and additional nitrogen strategies. These are all key attributes necessary

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DOWNLOAD: Forage Crops Technical Summaries

With the sowing season around the corner and many varieties to choose from, we have produced this information to help make the decision easier. These useful technical sheets cover the latest trials data, yields and feed quality, typical costs and value of the crop, as well as sowing rates and fertiliser guidelines for some of

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DOWNLOAD: Equipaddock Brochure

The Equipaddock range has been developed after consultation with equine nutritionists and other experts and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products tailor made for horses and ponies. These range from paddock mixtures through to hay and haylage crops to stallion paddocks and racing gallops.

DOWNLOAD: Hibird Brochure

Within this brochure there are plenty of gamecover crop solutions, mixtures for wildlife and farmland birds, crops for pollinators, grass buffers & field margins and wildflower mixtures. We have also included a sowing guide and a crop solutions chart, to help you solve some of the more common problems you may encounter. Flea beetles continue

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New fodder beet varieties raise the bar

“If a fresh yield above 100 tonnes per hectare combined with a dry matter content above 20% appeal, then the new fodder beet varieties Brick and Tarine will tick the boxes,” says Limagrain’s forage crop specialist Martin Titley. UK trial results recently published show that the relative dry matter yield of Brick was 17% above

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Careful maize variety choice pays dividends

Graham Parnell, Limagrain Seed Sales Specialist in the South West, says that while maturity class must still be the primary selection criterion, it is then vital to focus on varieties delivering the highest quality forage to ensure maize supplies the maximum benefit in terms of reducing feed costs. “Whether you are on a marginal or

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Going under cover

Choice of cover crops for the 2017/18 season is now on the radar for gamekeepers and those looking for good crops to provide shelter and feed for birds. “It’s good to reflect on the past season and see where there’s some scope for fine-tuning ahead of sowing from April onwards,” says Martin Titley from Limagrain,

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LG Animal Nutrition

LG Animal Nutrition (LGAN) varieties have the genetic potential to deliver superior nutritional value, whilst maintaining excellent agronomic qualities and yield, thereby improving ration performance and reducing reliance on purchased in feeds. Maize varieties can have very different nutritional characteristics, leading to significant differences in animal performance. UK LGAN maize varieties are evaluated across eight

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Henley GC splashes some Colour into the course

After taking up golf 18 years ago, Jim became a member of Henley Golf Club and soon made the most of retirement by playing regular rounds on the course which is set within the grounds of a 200 acre estate of landscaped parkland. Three years ago Jim started taking more of an active role at

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Brassicas can break the cycle

According to Limagrain’s Scottish seed specialist adviser John Heaphy, a crop of brassicas will be especially beneficial in pest control, following the withdrawal of the pesticide used to control leatherjackets and frit fly. “A brassica mixture, such as the rape, kale and stubble turnip Autumn Keep – or Meat Maker for those wanting a crop

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