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Boost bonuses with high oil content OSR varieties

While selecting varieties that produce high seed yield is important, it is a very inconsistent trait influenced by several season-dependent factors, such as weather or disease and pest pressure. Conversely, oil content is consistent across most seasons, according to Agrii’s technical seed manager David Leaper, and something growers can use to their advantage to increase

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Timing right to sow swede crop for high energy winter feed

“Swedes cost around of £403 per hectare – or £62 per tonne of dry matter – to grow, yet produce 80 to 90 tonnes of feed per hectare,” he says. “They can be grazed from October to February, depending on the variety.” Limagrain field trials highlight the high-energy content of swedes at 12.8 to 13.1MJ.

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This mixture is an adaptation of work done in New Zealand to exploit the lamb finishing attributes of deep rooting Forage Chicory and Plantain, combined with the well understood complementary properties of White Clover. The inclusion of Matrix Enhanced® Ryegrass, combined with Timothy and Early Perennial Ryegrass, all ensure that the sward gets a sprint

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DOWNLOAD: Winter Oilseed Rape Growers Guide

The challenges faced by oilseed rape growers seem to get bigger every year. We are sure that breeders and chemical companies are doing all they can to find solutions to the big problems such as weed control, Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle and enhanced disease resistance, but in truth the solutions to many of our problems

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DOWNLOAD: Winter Wheat Growers Guide

The 2017/2018 Winter Wheat Recommended List consists of no fewer than 41 varieties, including 11 new additions. How do we start to make sense of so much data, on so many varieties? Not every variety will suit every market, region, soil type or rotational position, so how do we find those varieties that will give

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Use OSR genetics to reduce risk and protect yield

Making OSR variety choices based on the conditions in which they are to be grown is fundamental to a profitable crop, and this comes down to understanding how the genetics or traits within that variety help to protect the top-line yield from the host of environmental and crop management factors that are known to depress

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BTS 3325

New Introduction for 2018 Ideal choice to start the beet sowing period.

Limagrain’s sugar beet varieties offer flexibility in sowing with higher output

Choosing a new sugar beet variety is no longer just about output, agronomic characteristics such as bolting tolerance and disease resistance are becoming increasingly important characteristics to consider, which is why the recommended list now requires varieties to perform well in these categories over three years of field trials, “says Bram van der Have, sugar

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Limagrain launches advanced soil conditioning package

This unique combination of microbes includes five isolates of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) and five races – or strains – of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR). It has been developed to improve soil health and crop production and can bring long term benefits to grass, cereal and maize crops. “The benefits of this soil conditioning

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Hunt is on for top energy grass at grassland and muck event

Farmers are invited to bring a bag of freshly picked grass to the Limagrain stand on plot 121 where its NIRS mobile testing machine will analyse the sample and provide a nutritional analysis of the crop. The top prize, valued at £1500, will go to the sample with the highest ME across the two-day event.

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How one grower turns his biscuit wheats into barn fillers

Group 3 soft wheats are said to be at risk of extinction after slowly losing their appeal with growers, largely due to a yield gap to barn filling feed wheats and falling premiums. However, one grower in the Scottish Borders is defying this negativity and has taken biscuit wheat variety, Zulu, to consecutive bronze and

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Sensible agronomy will get early varieties off to good start

Although early maturing varieties will be ready for harvest around 20 days earlier than later maturing alternatives, the agronomy of the crop will be very similar according to Richard Camplin of Limagrain UK, who points out that maturity class mainly influences what happens at the end of the growing season. “The key to a good

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Tell me more about Grassland & Muck

Watch video below to see how to enter our competition! PRIZE worth over £1500! Grassland & Muck, the triennial event organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of England, returns to Stoneleigh, Warwickshire on 24-25 May 2017. Promising a bumper display of machinery, live demonstrations and grass plots, along with timely advice and technical forums, the

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Limagrain’s Colour Splash trial site brightens the horizon

From a distance it may look like a Van Gough masterpiece on the horizon but for those that are in the know, they will be well aware that it is in fact the Limagrain Colour Splash trial site. Over the past few years, Limagrain UK’s range of Colour Splash flower mixtures have been used in

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Limagrain arable and forage crop plots demonstrate an integrated approach

Leading plant breeders Limagrain UK are a major player in all of these markets and for the first time at Cereals Arable Event 2017, Limagrain has combined both arable and forage crops to form an integrated stand, which includes crop plots on all of its leading arable varieties as well as crops for greening, EFA

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New trial data published in latest forage guide

This includes the latest trial data that compares the performance of the main varieties of forage crops like fodder beet, stubble turnips, swedes, forage rape, kale and lucerne. “We don’t have any national recommended lists for forage crop varieties, so our trial data comparisons on the main varieties grown in the UK help farmers make

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AWF 10 Pollinators Mix

A traditional 80/20 wildflower mixture for attracting pollinators. A new mixture containing perennial wild flowers and grasses that create a wild flower environment suited to attract, bees, butterflies and other pollinators. The mix is suited to a range of soil types.

AWF 9 Flowering Lawn

A traditional 80/20 wildflower mixture for flowering lawns. A new mixture that combines slow growing grasses and a blend of low growing wild flowers that will create a stunning flowering lawn or grassland area.


Arrow is a new hybrid that has the best combination of resistance to light leaf spot and stem canker out of all varieties on the AHDB Recommended and Candidate Lists 2017/18. Arrow also possesses the genetic trait of pod shatter resistance; vital for ensuring good yield stability. In addition to Arrows strong agronomic characteristics, the

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MM60 – the number one choice For the Eagles

It is safe to say that Crystal Palace have acquired an extremely experienced groundsman in Bruce. Having started his professional career at Fulham FC, Bruce went on to work for Tottenham FC, Milwall FC and Reading FC before returning for a second spell as head groundsman at Fulham. After a brief period away from groundsmanship,

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Architect is an attractive restored hybrid variety with a gross output comparable to leading hybrids. Architect has TuYV resistance and a significantly higher yield potential than Amalie, the only variety on the AHDB 2017/18 RL with this desirable genetic trait. Architect also possesses pod shatter resistance, an important trait for protecting high yields. It is

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Annalise is an appealing conventional variety that offers growers the highest oil content levels available out of all varieties on the AHDB Recommended and Candidate Lists 2017/2018. Annalise has TuYV resistance combined with a significantly higher yield potential than Amalie; the only other variety on the AHDB 2017/18 RL with this desirable genetic trait. Annalise

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